IDC Review Network ( 06, reported: according to the latest data, as of June 2, 2014, the total number of domain names registered in the United States up to 80967277, ranking first in the global domain name. The total number of domain names for 8176323, ranking the world’s top second. But at the end of 5, the net increment of the domain name statistics, the Chinese domain name added 2412, while the United States, showing negative growth, net minus 486. Hongkong, China, this week, net minus 841 domain name. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the world’s most recent Top20 domain name data.

  (Figure 1) global countries / regions of the total distribution map (as of 2014-6-2)

as shown in Figure 1, in the global total domain comparison, American dominance of indestructible, domain name has exceeded the total 80 million. The remaining 19 countries or regions are less than the total domain name of 10 million. China ranked second, Hongkong ranked No. fifteenth.

but at the end of the 5 week of the net increment of domain statistics, Chinese domain growth is good, a net increase of 2412. In contrast, the United States, during the end of 5 weeks, the domain name showed negative growth, net minus 486. China Hongkong domain name also showed negative growth, net minus 841.

  (Figure 2) the number of domain names in each country / region ranked

as shown in Figure 2, the end of the 5 week, the total global domain name on the list, the top twenty countries are: the United States, Germany, Britain, China, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, the Cayman Islands, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Italy, Hongkong, South Korea in Asia, India, Denmark, Russia Brazil, and Peru. Compared with last week, Peru ranks among the top 20 in the world for the first time. But the Swiss, had to withdraw from the list.

in statistics, the total number of U.S. domain names for 80967277, the highest in the global domain name market. Compared with last week, a net decrease of 486 domain names, the decline narrowed. Chinese domain total of up to 8176323, a net increase of 2412, growth down. Germany ranked third, the domain name for the total of 6475628, the United Kingdom, Canada, 3505391, such as 4724587.

at the end of the 5 week (May 27th -6 2) domain net increase in the amount of comparison, only 6 national domain growth is good. Among them, the largest increase in the Australian domain name, up to 7623, the second time in China, the new 2412, Peru, third, the new 2236. The remaining 14 countries or regions of the domain of negative growth, is the largest decline in the Cayman Islands, a net reduction of 20293.