Chinese at least one million practitioners (commonly known as the personal website, webmaster) more than 500 thousand people full-time entrepreneurs less than 1000 people, most of them are part-time, from management to service, from business to technology, to make money very rare, the vast majority of struggling make ends meet. According to reason should not, the flow of a lot of sites is very large, to go abroad is a big Mac, but why did not earn money to make the eye?

an unknown Internet cafe network management, the new Internet users are asking silly questions, so do a list of popular web site, the result has become a benchmark for China’s personal website, which is Hao123. Today, this is known as "the originator of the navigation station", there is still a huge traffic, the number of sites to be included and he is of the same type and use unscrupulous divisive tactics, at least ten thousand navigation website, this website later sold to Baidu, who has made several small, was a great success, become a model for the whole Chinese Internet the tens of thousands of personal website imitated him made a host of this classification information type games, music, mobile phone number, IP query query ". This type of website is even too lazy to do message boards, forums, to cater to the Internet bar crowd. So the gene of the individual website is network management, the object of the service is Internet bar crowd, this is glass ceiling. Of course, there are also a lot of forums, spawned Discuz! This forum, Qihoo, the banner around the play idea but haven’t profitable surrounding industries, led directly to the low-level redundant construction and vicious competition.

the vast majority of personal sites rely on Baidu, Google advertising alliance to make a living, traffic, click on the money. In order to flow can be unscrupulous, rogue plug-ins, false clicks, search engine optimization, hanging Trojans, etc.. The flow of history than Chinese reselling industry also a long, but the United States mainly than technical content, but we still stay in exchange for PV with yellow, gambling and drug SP fraud at the expense of the user experience or stage, result is the user to a small one, no loyalty. The search engine to traffic flow leads to the prevalence of fraud do not distinguish the authenticity, intensified small website Zoupian Jian feng.

domestic top 100 personal website in general is this distribution, 20% novel and anime music website, game 10%, 30%, and 15% community webmaster statistics, there are some video download, download software, mobile phone information, QQ derivative and so on, not to mention the basic technical content, no visual page there are some slightly, the effect of AJAX, is the basic PHP page, Flash little effect, not basic interconnection XML, not to mention the service aggregation, the so-called Web 2 elements but is a blog album video label, most technological innovations are used as a plug-in.

technology background determines the vast majority of personal website operators and little social experience, they just do the website is consumer oriented, technical content is low, the threshold is low, not what innovation at all, a lot of business.