with the TOM, NetEase and a series of portal website, marking the era of portal type with the development of the network slowly decline.

      plus personal webmaster no money, no skills (skills here does not mean that a person will be CMS, but will use the basic scripting language, programming language and database), and large investment, small gains, after the 2006 network situation, in 2007 the Internet fall look more difficult to go, in the end the way in which personal webmaster, Shangdu here for you to analyze, but does not represent Shangdu for any individual or any website or any color evaluation of criticism.

      for a period of time before the fire the arrival of Web 2, now Web2.0 has finally become somewhat lonely 1 feedback web taste, although there are still a lot of Web 2 websites, such as web sites such as monster, but the profit model is too small, but for the flow, quality first-class the website (whether in the code or design, but this must lead to speed), the speed is a problem, and if there is no website or the company’s major investments, this problem will become a very serious problem, because the advertising model will become very harsh, you will not be in a very beautiful Web2.0 station very simple to see Google adsence that is not very attractive website, even if there is, will also reduce the Web2.0 station style.

      so now personal webmaster how to have a way out?

      we feel that the personal webmaster’s future lies in specialization, industrialization, regionalization, localization, differentiation, depth.


      both have very high requirements on the website or personal webmaster, one can only use the CMS to develop others webmaster is not professional enough, although CMS can save a lot of time, but when you think of CMS in various official website forum or the group asked, how to change the font size of the time you are not supposed to think, to enhance their own knowledge and ability? A basic webmaster at least to understand the div+css HTML ASP a little bit of it, at least not so hard to see the code on the line. In the specialization of the site, personal sites made garbage stations, it is likely that nothing. If you do download, we must ensure that the download link is correct, check regularly, if classified information, must ensure the integrity and reliability of classification information, give users the best experience, let users return to a higher rate.