review: a reconciliation seems to have let the two sides bury the hatchet, but will not only give Ali and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has brought a profound impact, and will affect and open a new phase in the Internet economy into the development and regulation of positioning.

a very eye effect of public events, but no damage to Ali

Ali and the State Administration for Industry and commerce a sudden global arena touch nerve, American lawyer to sue Ali and the Wall Street bears echoes, easily let Ali shares evaporation tens of billions of dollars. In fact, in the United States, such as over developed countries, the lawsuit has become a business, no need to worry about Ali accused of bankruptcy, not to worry about the transnational chase.

name Bo Mr. Ye Fan pointed out that the Alibaba – well, people in the United States called Baba – prospectus clearly tips:

"on Ali platform selling fake goods or infringement of copyright music and other products before and after the accused / accused may also have" (Alibaba said in its IPO prospectus that there were allegations in the past, and likely would be in the future, that the company s platforms were selling goods "that were counterfeit or infringed on other copyrights including music.

);"We have the same

and may continue to be accused of participating in the illegal activities / blame" (We also have been and may continue to be subject to allegations that we were participants in or facilitators of such allegedly unlawful activities the company said in the prospectus. ").

have said that the report will not say Ali Baba – – no, is not to disclose the real information of the company. As for SAIC white paper to do the evidence may be more detrimental to the plaintiff, people do not delete it.

origin of the story as we all know, the monitoring results of our goods supervisor SAIC released said Taobao was only 37%, shocked Taobao immediately in the official micro-blog as a "a small voice" 80 Taobao business administration director: Liu singled out the illegal black whistle, deliberately through the investigation of injustice against Taobao. The State Administration for Industry and commerce website in 24 hours in the back, released in just a few months before the listing is said to Baba (>