in October 22nd, the Ministry of culture market department deputy director general Tuo Zu Hai in the "eighth session of the international China Network Culture Expo Summit Forum" said Internet Encyclopedia of knowledge products with Interactive Encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia as the representative of the development is gratifying, but also the lack of supervision, he suggested to launch the national strategic level of Internet innovation and dissemination of knowledge engineering.

Tuo Zu Hai said, in the aspect of knowledge innovation and dissemination of the Internet with the characteristics of convenient, interactive, as human knowledge inheritance and innovation platform, interactive knowledge in Interactive Encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia encyclopedia as the representative of the pattern and the Baidu know, Sina asked for the leading quiz platform has gradually become the mainstream model of Internet application knowledge innovation and communication platform, by users of the pro gaze.

at the same time, he also pointed out that the Internet users to participate in content delivery, editing model will lead to the lack of supervision of the platform content, the formation of contradictions, some of the content is not scientific, inaccurate. In addition, the field of social science knowledge in different countries there are differences in ideology and conflicts of interest, some platform for commercial interests and loss of objectivity, the audience exist to manipulate the target point and the ranking results, shielding competition content, weakening public concern and other phenomena.

Tuo Zu Hai suggested that Internet will promote innovation and dissemination of knowledge engineering to the national strategic level, to the government’s guidance and support, enterprises and social participation mode, and absorption of enterprises, universities and research institutions and entities of Museum and library resources, build a scientific, comprehensive, authoritative and international knowledge innovation and dissemination system, shared services for the construction of learning society and culture of the world. (Lei Feng)