less than 3 years, millet mobile phone market value of $10 billion from $0. Recent data has become the industry’s first mobile phone network, April China Mobile brand rankings were: 1, 1 million 754 thousand millet; 2, cool 1 million 443 thousand department; 3, VIVO 1 million 373 thousand.

Lei Jun has an iron triangle theory: hardware, software, Internet service. In the past, the most well-known is millet products and marketing, millet background service is little-known.

June 21st, President of micro innovation camp study of millet backstage goings, let us follow the founder of millet see customer service system in the end what is the secret weapon of


explosive material, found millet co-founder Li Wanqiang in the book "sense of participation" in the millet visit, and at least one (the book can also be measured, this is what the Internet, a large number of rhythm) inside millet to do service, do the hardware and software of the inside story, we can look forward to.

1, domineering customer service office: the mobile phone industry’s largest customer service team

millet phone has nearly 2000 customer service team, 7×24 hours, the largest mobile phone industry, the service team of the people of the more than and 600, the home of the millet, the 500 authorized service outlets. Take pictures of the weekend, or crowded.


2, overseas customer service

Lei Jun announced in April this year will open up 10 overseas markets. Just 2 months, millet overseas customer service team has grown to 50 people, including China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore and other countries and regions. Do you know what the national flag? No answer! Haha.


3, drip system: like sea fishing as a service

bit system is an internal customer service team is using for millet mobile phone terminal APP, employees can put forward their own improvement suggestions in Millet service drip system, that everyone can see, everyone can make comments and praise. All suggestions are managed by special drip system operation team, recommended for adoption, promote the implementation of the follow-up suggestions and reward employees and other actions, fully completed based on APP, can be said to be a micro innovation of internal management by way of mobile Internet fun.


4, more beautiful, but also to forget the customer service KPI

is different from a lot of mobile phone companies to outsource customer service team, millet customer service is more than 80% self built team, in the future to achieve the 100%, the environment is good, good treatment, attracted a lot of beauty. And service and after-sales team was asked to forget the KPI assessment indicators, but also to do with the product manager to do the thinking, many people do not adapt to the early. >