video sharing site two threshold


industry has a characteristic, is to do a video website easily, but it is difficult to grow, because the server and bandwidth costs are very high, really want to do a large scale it must cross the billion threshold.

we have accounted for 18 to 24 months, if there is no more than $100 million of such capital base, in this field, it is not possible to make the site bigger. Especially when the number of users from one million to ten million a day of growth, there is no shortage of funds into the video site success or failure of the hard targets.

in addition, a good, large-scale video sites on the technical requirements are very high. For example, fast playback speed, which requires a lot of technical content, which allows users to have a good experience is required.

so when there are a lot of users, in order to provide users with a good experience, is very expensive, but also a test of the technology, so these two points is bigger and stronger a video site the most basic conditions.

video sharing site fast is king

in the future, we think there is a basic point in this field, we call the fast is king, must be fast. Here are a few things: including fast play, quick release and quick search.

is the first playback speed, if the user from the point of view of a video always card, a two time can endure, and no longer see.

followed by quick release. At present, a lot of events, news hot content, users often prefer to use video recording life, once there is a new discovery, you will think of the first video site to share.

is another quick search. Help users quickly find what they want to find in our platform. Unlike before to see graphic information, the video can only look at a time, a lot of attention, users need to quickly find what they want, which is very important. So always want to ensure that users can quickly play, quick release, quick search, this page is our overall philosophy.

if you can do more than three points, the user feels very cool, the site will naturally lead.