on the Papi sauce has received a variety of funds, including the logic of thinking and a total of 12 million yuan of investment circle of friends has been maxed out. Kun Peng theory in this two days would be the matter to bomb disabled! Brains boiling, towonder, now recorded

  to share with you;

: China red net after a landmark event in

Chinese red net first formal, reular by mainstream capital market recognition, also marks the video from the media will be fully detonated, millions of people will either try, or to follow the original coquettish! It should be a sentence, money where to go, where people with media will be 2016! A comprehensive upgrade to the video from the media era


: Two: is a

investment circle realized the fastest

Papi sauce 1~2 billion valuation, from the investment perspective, has been close to A round of valuation, means that the project has a clear business model, and a clear profit model, and even have a certain profit data, Papi sauce seems to have no the slightest


, however, Kun Peng has never suspected that Papi sauce can achieve the goal of doubling the value of investors, because it is a group of experts premeditated and directed, and created too many points for this thing!

1, China’s new media world’s first ad auction!


communication will be priced 8000 yuan tickets, only 100 seats (there have been people everywhere to find hope to get tickets to participate in the auction, some people also asked Kun Peng on the Never mind know Luo fat)


3, the auction itself is easy to make people excited, whether participants or bystanders, and now has been the standard CCTV standard


4, controversial and discussed enough, has become a hot spot in recent days, the news was controversial, a controversial dispute over absolute fire! Fire! Fire is the eye, the eye is economic! Papi sauce and logic thinking of the brand value doubled this I do not know how much less than 12 million for hard advertising worth more than


at present, the number of micro-blog fans Papi sauce has exceeded 7 million 700 thousand, according to the mainstream video site platform statistics, the total amount of video playback has been more than 290 million times, with an average of more than 7 million 500 thousand times the amount of each play.

seems to be able to red over the red sauce Papi, only the national king of the husband,


so that the moment of the auction, there will be more than 12 million of the buyers! Believe Luo have corresponding plan to take the crown comfort other no other buyers, so the investment quickly recovered

!This is not what

, Kun Peng theory that the more powerful is only a few million, it real funds will lead to various content companies find it investment; Luo not only can harvest more new users, also announced to the world, I have seen your strong planning ability, wide.