a lot of people are aware of the importance of content, will be followed by shouting "content is king," this is a very reasonable slogan, but many people do not figure out what the value of the content in the end is what. Or already know what to do, such as the following is the most typical understanding:

content is to please the audience, people stunned, and then hard point praise, forward. Therefore, the content must be wonderful. Since it is to do the content, it is necessary to achieve the ultimate content.

this view may be relatively healthy, early to do SEO, the brain may have this kind of crooked:

content is to make search spiders can crawl content in the search engine, in front of a brush sense of presence, let it know that your website is not dead. Therefore, the basic idea of most people do on the content: brains theme brainstorming creative work – pressing production content – Pray audience applauded. As a result, the content was a very cool thing, creative, have a good sense of achievement, feel like an artist, proud.

this very passionate content of the day may be very enjoyable, but is not the most efficient, sometimes busy most of the day do not know what has no role to play. The so-called content marketing, of course, is for marketing purposes, that is, the transformation. Not for the purpose of marketing is to play rascal, or purely to attract the eye for the purpose of the content is not marketing content, but the media content.

so, do content with what ideas do? I think, do content marketing content marketing ideas to reflect the desire, a word can be summarized: whether it is the PC content or the content of mobile terminal, the content of each page should advertise for the next page. This is the content of the content of marketing ideas. The content of each page has a purpose: to bring visitors to the next page.

so, starting from the first page, leading to the first N pages, in the end to what year?.

generally believe that we want to bring visitors to the end of the visitors to make the transformation of the page, such as the purchase of a page or telephone consultation page, because even if the completion of a transformation. But after the conversion? Let the customer love why go? It seems too impersonal, and it seems to pull over the others to use the end of the throw aside.

so, the path to the page should be a loop, and from the beginning to the end, you can only say that you have completed a cycle. For example, for the first time to visit the site of the customer, from the first page to the last order to pay, this is a complete cycle. The last page of this loop should be the start of the next cycle, the beginning of the two purchase.

that is to say, there is a specific path between the page and the page advertising, it should be