actually the first person has the first time, such as the first time to learn to walk, the first time to eat with chopsticks, the first time to write……..

and I said here today for the first time, that first published his articles about learning SEO and the true feelings in the webmaster online. Stationmaster net for each station do people are very understanding, this is known as SOHU Sina, famous, own style itself is not good, but that is epoch-making process of their own SEO write on this site, I add my QQ number in the Q open today, suddenly found a lot of people with me to experience every webmaster in the process of sour, sweet, bitter, hot chat, which also includes me yourself, but the comfort of others to say, when faced with something he is easy to direct the extreme, easily anxious to get angry with yourself, when the original site is the same, especially when they want to simple, but in doing it Not the same.

but feel in the webmaster online writing and running account, but today suddenly someone said, your article is well written, I know this is a white lie in encouraging me to write better, but when he read my article, decided to do two years ago your own web site and pick up the redo, I really feel better than their own websites than Baidu included the same happy, because I can help a person, although small, but still very happy.

my article in the webmaster online up to now, there have been nearly 200 people read my article, I am really happy.

so I will feel stationmaster net here, here I can make more webmaster friends, here can learn more things, to enrich my website, where you can also put my experience here to share with you.

QQ:371370684  warmly welcome you to communicate with me, and we can become friends.