October 8th news, the British national tea brand Whittard of Chelsea is also on the cross-border wind, in Tmall international out of the flagship store, the official Chinese consumers.


Whittard Tmall international flagship store

According to

billion state power network to understand, Chelsea Tmall Whittard of international flagship store by Shanghai arts Shan Agel Ecommerce Ltd on behalf of operations, sales of all types of British tea, coffee, cocoa, there are more than 29 kinds of products, the main push high-end British rose tea and hot chocolate.

is very pleased to cooperate with Alibaba, the authentic British products into the Chinese market, which is a very important step for us." Whittard of Chelsea general manager Mark Dunhill said, "China online consumers is very high to the British voice of the product, we settled in Tmall international since more than expected sales data to prove this point."


Whittard official website

It is reported that

Whittard, of Chelsea dates back to nineteenth Century, the founder of Walter Whittard Fleet Street in London in 1886 opened the first tea shops, tea and coffee from Asian imports of high quality, and then pick out the best taste and transferring products to clients. In 1939 it became a well-known British National Tea brand.

Whittard of Chelsea currently has 55 stores in the UK, and operates the online mall, and wholesale business in more than and 30 countries around the world market, with annual sales of about 30 million pounds (about 300 million yuan).