yesterday, I asked myself. Why do some people no matter what so smooth. Why do some people do nothing? Actually, I know that none of us can understand. But one thing is very important. That is the environment is very important. Why? I’m a fast food takeaway. Do it more difficult. Yesterday, when I went to the zoo to buy clothes, I found a few square meters in the zoo inside a few small places. Almost no need for publicity, traffic is also great! I believe you see here, but also understand it. A place where the traffic is very important. Choice is very important.

so, if we choose to be in the zoo where the flow is relatively large, do catering. Passenger flow is resolved, also facing a problem. Large passenger flow, then the competition is also large. How can we stand out from this? We need to use marketing knowledge.

marketing has the following elements

1, who is our target population

2, how do we provide services or products that they like

3, how do we tell our target population

obviously, I opened a restaurant in the zoo, then it is inevitable that some people to buy clothes, such a large daily traffic, it is impossible for all people to eat my. So, you need to have a breakdown of the crowd, the audience crowd, not too little, not too much. This requires us to practice, and then we can turn to the people who buy clothes. From all corners of the country, with a sweet face, like a Steamed Rice. And love to eat barbecue. And like the Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce. All kinds of。 Speaking of which, I will go back to the scene where I went to dinner yesterday, from then on I was a consumer

I’ve been in the zoo a couple of laps. Some tired legs, feet some pain. My stomach is hungry. Step forward on the eighth floor of city delicacy. At this time, my heart is not want to eat anything. First, let’s take a look at it. It’s a very important point. From the city into the delicacy of mental arithmetic. I will walk away from me. Because I’m not really sure what I’m going to eat. So the second to the seventh is very important. Because I can’t remember more than seven, too much information. So this is the first thing we need to pay attention to.

as to the question of choosing to sell, how many more of these restaurants can we turn to?. Then observe, see which sell fire. And these are the home of the fire, and then you can be in the second to seventh to do this special fire catering.

in this process, the focus is to find a place where the traffic is relatively large. This truth, we all know, all know to go to the zoo such a large flow of open. For example, we all know to Taobao shop, looking for Baidu search. Are found to determine the factors of passenger flow. And then is to create their own products