May 20th news, yesterday the United States Department of Justice announced the theft of so-called network sued 5 China officer, after this announcement, causing a Tucao users, since the American public agreed that the NSA eavesdropping incident after exposure, the United States has never officially apologize to countries, but stop thief, an exercise in self deception.

today, cloud security vendors know that last week’s data security weekly Chong Yu acceleration music product released in China’s government, education website attacks, the United States is the number one source of the attack website. This report confirms the letter of the United States Office of the United States before the attack on China’s website data. Accelerate music data show that only last week, the United States from the malicious IP attacks on our government, education, as many as 400 thousand important sites on the.


on the whole, in the case of the source of the attack, finance, computers, news websites ranked among the top three types of attack sites. As for the government, the education website failed to list, mainly because of the overall number of sites on the current, the government education website in the total number of sites in China is still a minority.


music from the launch of the weekly report is not difficult to see, in general, the financial website is the focus of attack. Attack the number of times a week up to 40 million times, called the most powerful hacker attacks. According to previous reports, at the end of last year, including the domestic P2P net loan platform, bitcoin platform for the entire industry are subject to a wide range of hacker attacks, as of today, hacker attacks are still frequent attention to the industry.

network hacker attack behavior is a serious problem facing all countries in the world, in China’s criminal law has long been sentenced to criminal punishment, whether it is the United States, China is actually the victim of cyber attacks. As foreign ministry spokesman said: China is a staunch defender of network security, the Chinese government opposes any form of cyber crime, but also firmly opposed to groundless accusations against china. The development of the Internet today, his contribution to the progress of the world is huge, network security is a long-term problem, he needs the government and security companies to jointly promote.

it is understood that the acceleration music is well-known security companies know Chong Yu’s site security acceleration platform, the site has accumulated a strong safety, has worked on include the second Asian Youth Games official website, the official website, the Ninth International Garden Expo 2013 Fortune Global Forum official website and other famous sites, the activities of security and emergency response for.