do advertising, first learn to pick up. Brand personality, to the user as the object to tease. To get in touch with an object, and then leave a good impression, and finally become a good friend. So is advertising.

1 chat occasion must be suitable for

hooked up, to the right place.

advertising platform to choose the right, select an object you want to appear.

you’ll find that the chances of success in the elevator are far less than the restaurant. Everyone in their way, this time does not want something.

for example, you are selling kindle. The other is watching TV when you want to insert an advertisement you. They are doing business watching TV, maybe this time you ads on the subway bus above, many good results. The car more boring, see book by kindle.


Kindle made a promenade in Shanghai subway station Jingan Temple shelf, bookcase is 2.8 meters high, 25.6 meters long as a whole shelf.

wants to take all the books here? A Kindle is enough.

2 the best chat, is not easily accosted

is not prepared enough to destroy himself.

has a chance to chat, but also to dress up their own. A pretty face, what the success rate is high.

do not beautiful, advertising is not external. The first impression is not as good as the impression. You can remain silent, but every word you say has a negative effect.

a bad taste and bad dress, conversation would be suicide. Advertising may fire may backfire.


once palm cards because of a series of new products of pomegranate juice advertisement by countless people Tucao, advertising from the bus down, and by Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Finally, this product is not to the end, and has a bad influence to the coco brand.

is simply not moving, the smell of the first.

vulgar advertising, is a chronic poison. Destroy themselves, may also hurt innocent.

3 what to build your relationship

find the entry point of the target, and the other point.

what the other side? If a person in drinking, you can replace the drinks to help each other, boredom, this time as long as you can get a good piece of the past. If the other party in the park in a daze, then you can get some work to let him play together, put a kite is a good choice.

if it is someone else to find the door, then you can take advantage of the characteristics of the 1234 list, such as Tmall’s >