‘s new top-level domain.Tel registered operator Telnic (http://s.www.telnic.org) today began to accept the global business and a variety of institutional trademark applications. From today until February 2, 2009, the trademark owner can register.Tel domain name for its brand and company name, and in the first global mobile optimized online directory to provide a comprehensive list of "real time".

Telnic CEO Khashayar at the beginning of the review priority registration (Sunrise) period, said:.Tel is the domain name system since the launch of the.Com domain of the most important innovation since the launch of Mahdavi. Fundamentally,.Tel provides a fast, efficient, and applicable intelligent service for companies of all sizes, which will enable customers to interact with the company in any way they like. Any organization that wants to communicate better with customers should buy a.Tel domain name."

trademark holders in all major regions of the world in 29 countries through the ICANN certified domain name registrar on a first come first served basis to register.Tel domain name. More than and 120 of the world’s 29 countries have signed a contract with the Telnic cooperation, the new registrar is also gradually open service.

priority registration agency is confident about the future of.Tel. The British registrar Com Laude managing director Nick Wood said: "Telnic has already begun to introduce pre registration period, provide opportunities for global brand owners, so that they can be the first step to get the general public domain name.Tel. .tel is very innovative, it provides a new way for the brand owners to communicate with customers, we hope that companies can seize this opportunity to register their domain names. Based on the current market interest in.Tel, we believe that.Tel will be greatly welcomed by the brand owners."