According to

report data Chinese IDC industry 2011-2012, 2011 Chinese IDC market size has reached 17 billion 80 million yuan, than the same year growth of 67.1%, the rapid growth of value-added business has become the main factor in the growth rate continued to rise.

with the application of SMS, voice, video and network integration, e-commerce has become increasingly popular, the Internet observation center forecast, 2015 Chinese IDC market will reach 30 billion yuan, a huge market demand for our IDC, China’s IDC industry development has brought a strong push.

can be said that the development trend of IDC is very good. However, in such a good environment, the future development prospects of IDC custodian is not too optimistic. The reason is that the current IDC industry by the impact of the situation is too large. Now the competition in the IDC industry is not entirely the competition between the business model and the technical superiority, more is the competition of the bandwidth resources. At present, China Telecom, China Unicom is still the dominant IDC services, a unique advantage so that they occupy more than 60% of the IDC services market share. China has formed a special situation of the South China Telecom North Netcom, which is a unique phenomenon in China, and has become an urgent problem to be solved in the coming years.

in fact, Hongkong server / server and the mainland itself is no different, then what is committed to the Hongkong server? I believe a lot of benefit from the Hongkong server owners are aware of.

cloud data together with you to gain access to the advantages of Hongkong server

1 from the record, avoid cumbersome filing process and up to half of the record waiting time

because the domestic market is now very strict investigation of the host computer, but also need a headache for the domestic filing and other complex procedures. According to the Internet pioneer statistics, in recent years, most of the main reasons for the selection of overseas servers is the domestic ICP filing more cumbersome.

2 international bandwidth, fast, comparable to the domestic host

Hongkong global room international export bandwidth is sufficient, suitable for enterprise foreign trade website, mail service, data exchange and other applications, the first choice of voice and video applications. For enterprise users, if the customer is only Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, mainland customers, then the Hongkong server undoubtedly the best choice, because most of the Hongkong room of the Hongkong server in China market faster.

3 fast and stable, the content of the site is relatively loose restrictions

cloud data provided by the stability of the server in Hongkong, cheap, and the mainframe market mature norms. From the United States, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Britain, Russia and other places to test, Hongkong room is very stable. However, the test will be unstable in the mainland computer room or even the problem of disconnection, Netcom, long and wide users are particularly serious, which may not be enough to use international bandwidth, different provinces in China’s telecommunications, network >