IDC network ( on 20 August 04 reports: according to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in March domestic Internet users accounted for significant changes in the geographical distribution, the largest number of Internet users in Guangdong, accounting for an increase of 1.58% compared to last month, rose to 16.10%. Last month, the number of Internet users in Henan second, due to the end of the Spring Festival holiday Exodus, the proportion of Internet users to reduce 1.36%, down to 5.66%, ranking fell back to fifth. Next, IDC comments on the network will be specific data analysis.


(Figure 1) in 2016, the geographical distribution of domestic users TOP12

observation Figure 1, can be learned in March, the domestic Internet users accounted for the geographical distribution of the top 12 ranking changes. There are 6 areas in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, Fujian, Sichuan and Shanghai. Among them, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Sichuan rankings were up 2, respectively, second, 3, 9. Beijing and Fujian ranked by up to 1, sixth, 8 respectively. Shanghai rose the most, up from fifteenth last month to the top of the month, the success of the list of the top eleventh.

and decline in the region, the most obvious decline in Henan, fell back from second to fifth. In addition, Shandong fell 1 to fourth, Liaoning fell by 2 to tenth. Last month tenth Hubei missed the top 12, unfortunately failed.


(Figure 2) in February 2016 and in March, the regional distribution of domestic Internet users

IDC review network by comparison of Figure 2 data found that in March, to Guangdong, the southern coastal developed areas accounted for the general rise in the proportion of Internet users. Among them, the number of users in Guangdong continue to lead the country, accounting for 16.10%, an increase of over the previous month, the largest increase of 1.58%. Zhejiang accounted for the second time, 0.92%. As the northern inland city of Beijing, the proportion of its rise is not surprising, it is not only the capital of China, but also in the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region, culture and economy are very developed.

while at the same time, the majority of Internet users accounted for the decline in the northern inland areas. Performance is the most obvious in Henan, accounting for 7.02% from February to 5.66% in March, a decrease of $1.36%. Because the end of the Spring Festival holiday, many people go out to work again, the number of Internet users plummeted.