with the increase in business, the site starts today with 400 customer service calls (4006758885). Mainly used for Trading Consulting Hotline and IDC consulting services. You in any city, local calls can call the telephone consultation on any mobile phone or fixed phone, answer you all about trading safety, details of the transaction process, the problem of.

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about 400 phone Introduction (http://s.admin5.cnc400.com)


you have a good product to prepare for the national promotion, your company or your personal business consulting phone if the phone rang every day, so how good?

but your advertising has also done, your site is also marked in the location of the business advisory telephone, business card to go out a lot……

why the number of incoming calls is still unsatisfactory?

is there a lot of potential customers because of the need to make long distance calls to worry about long-distance calls are too high and do not contact you?

seize the time to open the new version of the 400 phone call, you can clearly tell you: "you call, I bear long-distance calls!"

is there still a lot of potential customers to see your product will produce a little doubt: "the company is reliable? The company’s strength?"

if you have a Haier, Lenovo, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other large enterprises such as the 400 phone, they will consider this?

seize the time to open the new version of the 400 phone! Quickly improve corporate image!

is still no potential customers to call you worry about it, then seize the time to open the new version of the 400 phone!

opened a new version of 400 to achieve your fame and win-win!

function introduction

number: 4006 China Netcom enterprise customers to apply for direct number, number is 10, with the only, 4006 belong to the main business called sharing payment service, the caller pay calls, called user pay long bill.

call transfer number: enterprise customers used to answer the 400 caller number, fixed telephone, mobile phone, for PHS