in the news office of the State Council on the afternoon of 18 2013 held the annual industrial development of the communications industry press conference, chief engineer, Ministry of industry and information technology news spokesman Zhang Feng said, the Ministry will take measures to further improve the mechanism of competition and regulation of the internet.

, the Internet industry has become an important force in promoting China’s economic and social development, the competition in the Internet industry from a single field of competition to cross-border integration of competition, competition means by the client or web pages, to change the single client, application store, operating system and other mixed carrier competition, competition has strong concealment and complex, and some non-standard competition of enterprises, to consumers caused varying degrees of damage.

in order to regulate the order of competition in the Internet market, the Ministry of industry in 2011 introduced a number of provisions regulating the market order of Internet information services, the dispute between the enterprises conducted a number of mediation. Nevertheless, China’s Internet management legal system is still not perfect, law enforcement means is relatively insufficient, monitoring, and evidence of competitive behavior judgment are the lack of effective means of support, management mechanism is to be further improved.

, according to Zhang Feng, the Ministry will further improve the competition and regulation of the Internet industry from the following four aspects:

is a new business model to bring development of new technologies and new applications of the Internet to strengthen the judgments and tracking, strengthen the competition regulation;

two is to strengthen the construction techniques, construction of Internet enterprise competition behavior monitoring, early warning, forensics technology platform, and to explore the third party mechanism through technical means to carry out monitoring and identification technology;

three is the establishment of Internet business disputes and disputes of the admissibility, disposal and arbitration mechanism, establish and improve the market early warning and rapid response mechanism, improve market competition rules, timely assessment, according to law;

four is to strengthen self-discipline, enhance corporate social responsibility, improve the industry norms and self-discipline, strengthen the industry standard propaganda, to improve the Internet enterprise compliance, law-abiding consciousness.