at the same time today launched not only Google / Tianya quiz, and "come", what is "come"? Baidu post bar is the end of the world version of Google, different from the horizon of the Google Q & A interface, the end of the world to use a set of their own. It is estimated that the division of labor between the end of the community and Google, Google in accordance with the Russian version of the question and answer service style production question and answer, according to their own style of the end of the world to come".

      personally, I love "Q" service interface, the interface is not only fresh, but the current page opens, "come on" adhering to the domestic website links are bad, what the new window open, really can not stand.

      Google’s future and ask foster in the world, but have, in foreign countries, Google has never been in this process of production services, Google launched the service, or do it yourself, or post acquisition integration into their own service system.

      Tianya / Google come to remind you:

      please note that according to the law China, Tianya will you post, post time and content you post IP address records for at least 60 days, and as long as the receipt of a legitimate request, which will provide such information to government agencies.

      I guess, Google borrow Tianya community launched shell products, not only is to circumvent the policy restrictions, save a lot of manpower management content, and also provide a better integration of search for the future lay the foundation, that is to say, Google is now the world culture content quality, for the future in the integration of the search results page in the given higher weights, Tianya higher integration of "ranking" basis.

      of course, through the horizon high-end user group to promote the Google brand and service, improve the flow of Google, will be included in the command for some day in the future to pave the way…… These are all imaginable.