3 9, the industry came out of the web game, blood * * * because of pornography by way of propaganda and the Ministry of culture to stop the news. This is the first stop of the web game. In fact, the blood of the propaganda model is more common in the industry, and it was halted means that the government issued a signal to the outside world to rectify the web game.

an online game company executives told reporters that the government’s great efforts to control the web game, the relevant governance measures will continue to launch, this year’s game will certainly shuffle the game. Currently, the game industry has also begun to self-help self-help. The occurrence of this event, for the sake of their own funds but not for the wind industry is optimistic about the web game, is undoubtedly worse.

after nearly two years of rapid development, web games have considerable scale. According to iResearch recently released "2007-2008 Chinese web game industry development report", 2008 "gaming market revenue size of 100 million yuan, the next 2-3 years will enter a rapid growth period, the market size in 2010 will exceed 1 billion; web game users in 2007 to 2 million 500 thousand people, is expected in 2010 will exceed 20 million, up to 20 million 200 thousand people.


iResearch analyst Zhao Xufeng opinion, web game market prosperity is just an illusion, in fact, web games, low threshold, short life cycle, low viscosity, when big companies are small companies to join the competition, development space is very small, which leads to the current mess.

reporter observed, although on the surface of the web game development did not get investors rash and too much in haste, in favor of. Throughout 2008, VC’s attitude towards web games can be described as indifference. Currently, only one 51wan Sequoia Capital of $2 million 500 thousand investment.

, a VC senior said yesterday in an interview with reporters, the first half of 2008, the outbreak of the financial crisis so reluctant to venture capital investment; secondly, specific to web games, web games, user stickiness is not enough, because the profit cycle is short and so on, let VC flinch mostly to webpage game. And the web game to stop the event, will undoubtedly increase the doubts cast.


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