The internal contradictions of the

24 coupons founder and investor oriented the worst results: suspend operations (TechWeb above)


24 coupons founder and investor internal contradictions have led to the worst results this month, from the beginning of 20, the company set up two and a half years to suspend operations, will enter a period of long holiday".

last month, 24 coupons were exposed to the founder and CEO of Du Yinan and investment disputes, Du Yinan and investor on behalf of KK in e-mail accusing each other to set air company, the latter is Du Yinan unilaterally dismissed. October 19th, with the company’s other managers and employees signed a statement, said the company invested $2 million 400 thousand of the company without authorization, resulting in the plight of the company’s operations. In order to win rights, management decided to leave all 24 tickets to protest, to put pressure on the investment side, to resume normal operations pending shareholder level to solve the funding problems after reasonable and team motivation.

currently, the site has been unable to open. The official website statement impressively wrote: the company decided from the perspective of long-term interests of businesses, users and employees, temporarily into a period of ‘long vacation’. Therefore, we will not be able to provide you with services in the coming weeks. After waiting for the recent adjustment, we will restore your service."

24 tickets had fallen in the long struggle of profit as flawed

buy site since 2010 to enter China, stimulate entrepreneurial nerve. 2011, driven by investors, buy the industry has become the most popular Internet belt, the market scale was nearly 5000. But who did not expect, just a year later, the industry is extremely atrophy, the top ten sites have been restructuring, merger, or even shut down.

in fact, the most fundamental reason for the 24 coupons storm is not profitable for a long time, the capital chain tension, the urgent need for investors continued transfusion. After the news, 24 coupons capital chain will face more than 60 million yuan of debt payment. At that time, the 24 aspects of the bond has insisted that quasi profit, the next stage is to earn a penny and maintain".

but one year time, the brutal way to promote burn group purchase has been shown to be profitable useless, the winter capital has not yet come to pick up one day. According to KK, in August this year, the funds 24 coupons were very difficult, has no money, and have sustained investment, and optimistic about the Chinese based on Internet, KK on behalf of the Malaysia investment Chen Zhiyuan to 24 coupons an additional $7 million investment. Not all the money is accounted for with the investor to trigger a Du Yinan anti fuse.

continue to cast the value of money, is investing more control over the control of the company, which also leads to the later Du Yinan unilaterally KK dismissal decision, and the site is now 24 coupon executives jointly announced the temporary.