comprehensive analysis of free (my analysis, I explained, super exciting, must see) at present, more than one-third of the world free forum, so, we are currently relatively large separate regime, there are several.

      1 my territory

      2 free forum
      the Quartet forum


      at present, the strength of the domestic

      my domain:

      – program: his great background, that is the official discuz, and when the most early, is the official forum of discuz with substantial advertising, so very popular, because of his formal descent, so many people believe in him. Facts have proved that, although a few months of Kung Fu, but also miraculously bigger. In the Baidu search, are ranked first.

      perhaps because of his regular lineage identity, so in terms of program updates, the speed is very fast. The current free forum has been upgraded to 5.5, and the official also upgraded to 6 yesterday, although discuz6.0 is still in the testing phase, but the territory has begun to update the free forum.

      – plug style: in this area seems to be a little less. There are only three plug-ins: Bank, home call, invite registration. But also the need for gold (to get the super difficult). Style it, there are official release, there are people to do their own. At the time of 5 there are a lot of beautiful template style, but upgrade to the 5.5 may be too busy, so there is not a lot of exquisite style.

      – speed: speed not to say, stable and fast.

      – Innovation: innovation is certainly worth mentioning, put forward the concept of the pass, have a pass to landing in all territories in other forums, the forum as long as the user name, you can, the information can be transferred to. But one thing is very bad, because of this, so the Lord (the free BBS BBS) also have mutual visits agreements, each registered, it is a waste of resources resort to deceit. Second is their