after the explosion of the Sturm und Drang, now the "chaos" group purchase website, into the crossroads. Is the speed of fast-growing death or disillusionment rebirth? As the originator of group purchase industry, the United States gourpon is always China imitation and learning to the group purchase website, but the cruel reality tells us that the development of China road group purchase website or rely on our own "step out".

tieqian red data confusion


took the price of 200 yuan, the price directly to achieve 170 yuan, the 30 pieces of their upside down. It is even hard to shoot in suppliers. Why?

if not once in a large group purchase company, Ms. Wang said what also do not believe that the company she worked for the group purchase would subsidize red data". Just a month, light posted to the merchant’s funds have been over one million. Later, Ms. Wang came to understand that this seemingly losing money earned shouted business, in fact much knowledge.

Wang said: do not make money is not important, sales is the last word. Sales go up, the company can have capital to talk about financing! Do you know how this company is in the end?."

Wang said "tieqian red data" case, "in the first half of the overall group purchase industry great leap forward" background, is not unusual, and more dramatic unheard of strong case: for example, a large group purchase company, because the front is too long and sparse in management, the worms eat empty rates "thing, report no. tens of hundreds of employees, there are a lot of people actually do not exist, but records, business records Goods are available in all varieties. money these people, are where as can be imagined. In addition, the individual city manager colluded with the merchant, the money in place, businesses run, two people divided into two sides, as well as two-sided agents, the morning just finished the meeting, the afternoon to go there to meet competitors.

the above "group purchase chaos", not alarmist. With the explosion of Hurricane onrush of group purchase industry, they really exist.

According to the

research institution of third party electronic commerce Analysys International (micro-blog) statistics, the first half of the year, the company engaged in the group purchase industry from 2010 at the end of 2612, to 5300, almost to the speed of rapid growth with the explosion. However, along with the surge in the group purchase company, group purchase complaints cases are also gradually increasing in the first half of the first quarter of the company’s complaint group purchase case, reached more than 2090 cases, group purchase complaints last year: emerge in an endless stream hype, virtual standard prices, fake and shoddy deceive consumers phenomenon. The first group to buy the site of the United States Mission Network (micro-blog) CEO Wang Xing (micro-blog) had exposed insider buy, to remind consumers to pay attention to buy traps.


entered the second half of the year, along with the international economic environment gradually deteriorated, capital began to become cautious, which rely on "burn" live, group purchase website profit model single, no >