June 21st, ChinaNetCenter just resumption time limit, eventually closing down 5.1%, triggered the wave of gem fell. In June 17th before the suspension, only 6 trading days, the cumulative increase of ChinaNetCenter has reached 44.17%, up two, or top once. The performance of face behind a series of problems of company executives change frequently, the core technology, far away from the expected performance has been questioned, let ChinaNetCenter market qualification examination much outside. With the "times weekly" reporter in-depth investigation, this frequently questioned the company, or will make another one more bad move: will be listed only 9 months the company "for sale", "two times cash"! If the rumor is a prophecy, ChinaNetCenter will become the history of A shares on the "worst" company.

"it seems that the technology is going to be bought, and maybe it was yesterday that people knew about it."

June 22nd, a strong change in network technology, suddenly plunged 5.98%, Dongxing securities computer industry analyst Wang Yuquan analysts believe that the recent surge in network technology, may be related to the matter.

listed less than a year, the performance is far below the prospectus promises, ChinaNetCenter from listed company development location far, a "mess" seems to be due to submissively Kwame Haikou can not be honored, ready to sell the company.

performance big face, the core technology industry suffered questioned, executives can not practice after the resignation of ChinaNetCenter in the "fall" of the road and further, far more lines.

Wang Yong no longer serve as a representative of the securities, the relevant work by the secretaries Huang Qi one person in charge, but to participate in closed training in, can not contact." Rao Yujiao, assistant director of network technology, said, no one can answer the question.

ChinaNetCenter is easy to master, the actual controller two to cash out in suspense, avoiding parties increasingly whirling.

"two times cash" puzzle

who intends to buy the network technology can not say, can not offend people." June 22nd, one has been informed of the computer industry analyst said.

But the

although the specific identity of the acquirer’s speech on the sale of dodge, but events, but definitely abnormal.

, I heard that Tencent wanted to buy, but then no news." Blue news technology, said a middle-level.

in March 24th this year, ChinaNetCenter released 2009 annual report, net profit fell 4.79%, known as the "gem of the worst annual", but the company’s share price is in the contrarian trading, some of the old capital, George Zhang Shibao and other securities held ChinaNetCenter stock.

at the time, industry news, Tencent intends to acquire ChinaNetCenter, via landing A shares, but for many years to enter the A shares of the long cherished wish.

June 22nd, the reporter asked the relevant issues to the Tencent, Tencent denied this plan.