he spent five years in Changzhou to consolidate the "vision" status, now a two or three magnitude Internet market impact. Money, people, management, the test of the young man.


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Have their own local communities around

, the owners also have their own circle, this circle is Qian Yu’s eldest brother, he readily dare, willing to share, as a missionary, but peers are more willing to call him "".

everyone knows, the boss is not good. In recent years, public comment, and the group purchase site in the search room into the two or three class market, the pressure to do the local community portal from Qian Yu feel. "Other local community dare we grab a meal to eat, but outside of the ‘Wolf’, in Changzhou, we must dig deep, otherwise Changzhou long lane will be eaten up."

he who led the strike by Comsenz Discuz! System, PHPWind is selected as the community forum software system, many local communities also follow him using the latter; PHPWind is the acquisition of Alibaba, he co localization of community and aliyun activities, "I am not the kind of consultant, charge." Now the event has covered most of the local community sites.

exchange activities, there is a link, by Qian Yu do operation guidance for colleagues, he directly jumped onto the live Q & A, for each question answer, the mouth, the actual combat experience as a knowledge point, concise in his mind.

that perhaps he worked as a teacher, while he was a student at Nanjing Normal University had founded the campus website "care network" and "popular" DM magazine campus, after graduation, Qian Yu he has been a teacher, teach the advertising media, returned to his hometown in Changzhou after the head of television advertising. Long lane line in 2005, a local traffic is fast becoming a stride forward singing militant songs, the first.

Diyitongjin: find a restaurant advertising

started the long lane let him become entrepreneurs. When making care network "in Nanjing, Qian Yu found himself very inspiration in the operation of the community, that won the market smaller Changzhou his excitement, be nothing difficult; it was decided to long lane as a" career "instead of" interest ", quit his television work, then to the thorny problem how to profit.

at least not lose money." This is the first target of Qian yu. Once advertised on television, so he decided to pull the ads, and advertisers who will it be? He did not dare to real estate, automotive and other fields to find customers, don’t even think of those businesses are willing to advertise in the local community: SouFun these sites in that before, they are the regular army, he is the guerrillas. Vertical sites are said to be their own professional, are listed companies or listed companies, they said the community site is done by children. At that time, the community was a very new thing."