Zhejiang online 05 month 20 days according to the "youth times" reported the hermit in the city. Use these words to describe the domain name speculators nothing, they are called "rice farming", because the domain name homonym for "corn". In the rapid development of the Internet ten years, the first in a number of "rice farming", are now growing industry heavyweights: maybe they are not bank deposits of explosive growth, but they applied to the top of the network domain name warehouse (also known as the "micou" quite spectacular scale).

Such a domain name to

at Hangzhou gangster Lim, a computer teacher in a school in Wenzhou or 10 years ago, the "micou" has been put at least 70 thousand domain names, the annual maintenance cost is as high as 5 million. The recent rumors that sina will be used for the acquisition of micro-blog’s rare domain name – T.CN, with this person.

T.CN worth millions of

T.CN back to the rivers and lakes.

recently, the domestic website news release, said Sina has bought T.CN domain name, will be directly applied to Sina micro-blog". The reporter linked to the trading platform "" Chinese "responsible person, confirmed that T.CN was recently in the platform for the transaction. But in view of the confidentiality agreement, the identity of the two sides of the transaction and the price inconvenience announced.

price of at least 1 million, the highest possible to reach 5 million." The domain name speculators third occupation told reporters, by now the outcry, single letter domain names is at least 1 million, although in different letters there are equal, but compared to 5 years ago, also at least 10 times doubled. "T.CN is a typical value. In the past 7 years, T.CN prices have doubled, 2003 net fine spent 280 yuan, to 2006, Lim bought the price rose to 110 thousand yuan.

The reporter then contacted the

to Lim responsible for Hangzhou 365 network, but he told reporters he had to get rid of this domain. "I did spend 110 thousand in 2006 to buy the T.CN, but a few months later I would like to sell hundreds of thousands of prices." Lim said, as to who is the buyer, he is not convenient to disclose.

annual cost of up to 5 million

"domain name playing circle is very small, no more than 100 of the net worth of millions of people." A network general manager Ji Yuhai said that speculators are basically located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing area, and Zhejiang accounted for half of the country. A handful of domain heavyweights, hands are thousands of domain names tuen." Ji Yuhai said that his boss had T.CN Lim is one of them.

real gangster is generally around 2000 began to play, after 2005, it is difficult to make a lot of money into the." Ji Yuhai said that the precious domain names are basically in the hands of the first batch of people. The group will continue to look for potential buyers, choose the domain name will be sold at high prices, and then use the funds to continue to eat into a large number of domain names. More like a snowball roll."