a large number of executives in the face of changes in the management structure, the outside world tend to be pessimistic attitude, expressed concern about the development of the enterprise. Where to fly as an example, this is Wang Jianlin placed high hopes to expand the Internet market, the recent third CEO departure, so many people in the industry questioned Wanda electricity supplier in doing is talent, some people even think that the flying three the main side on behalf of the retail and Internet integration difficulty.

but in recent days, Wanda Network Technology Group Chairman Qu Dejun fifast CEO resignation made a positive response, clarify the matter of who fly and Wanda network technology group, there are two important information:

1, Wanda never said to do business: This refers to the "business" should be the BtoC online shopping platform we usually understand, and Wanda from the beginning to do "business" is not the routine, from the first CEO Gong Yitao do research. Initially, Wang Jianlin Wanda electricity agreed the tone is O2O, which established the following main line, using the Internet and electronic business methods, help line operations, to achieve the goal of increasing the value of commercial real estate; to "Teng million" period, where the network launched fly, Wanda electricity supplier explore orientation new O2O business the more clear, just because when Wanda wanted to do "line and Internet integration" mode is relatively new, and the mainstream online fusion line under the O2O, the "retrograde" so there was a lot of voices of doubt, many people use the concept of torture traditional electricity supplier electricity supplier Wanda mode; by July 2015, with the fly where the open platform of on-line shopping center model to explore the success of wisdom, "positioning entity business + Internet" gradually clear, "Wanda" name has completely become the past, who fly or Fei Fankai Put the platform to become synonymous with Wanda network technology; in 2016, the integration of online and offline retail entity + Internet concept, popular demand for Internet retail transformation have intensified, Wanda "entity + Internet" model of development opportunities in the air, Wanda homeopathy network technology group was established, becoming the only entity "Internet + mode of enterprise, who fly into a sub section of Wanda Group design, network technology, network technology is responsible for product development and operations.


combed down, everyone knows that this is not the electricity supplier Wanda electricity supplier, actually do is Internet service platform to build the scene line based on the electricity supplier if you take the traditional thinking to cognitive Wanda, this pattern is bound to have misread or wrong reading.

2, where the fly is a plate network technology group: Qu Dejun said in a media interview, "where is the original Flying financial group’s subsidiaries, is now only a section of Wanda network technology group." The implication is that the development of CEO turnover fifast Wanda network science and technology is not as "alarmist media described earlier". From Wanda network technology group’s organizational structure can also clearly see, President of Wanda Wanda Group Network Technology Group is a Sydney of >