learning, is the most important thing in the student stage; love, is a person who is most willing to do things; time, just only, miss, will not come back.

      how to grasp well. Do the most important thing for students and their most willing to do, I believe a lot of students and I have a headache, because this knowledge, it is too difficult.

      I am a student, so I want to be excellent in character and learning, to learn the textbook knowledge, obtain their love of the University, to achieve the dream of life.

      but I am also an ordinary person, in addition to learning, I also have hobbies, skateboarding and learning network. Network, it is true, but also a lot of weaving, such as Google, and so on, and the myth behind the story, but we rarely hear.

      but these mythical stories tempt young US, with adventurous courage, to try and see the future and the future.

      in the summer, the keyboard and the mouse, has replaced my pen, I believe that many students are doing the same, ha ha.

      from the parents tone, the tone of the changes can be drawn to my state, no sleep before 3 points, did not read a Book unrelated to the computer……

      and I know, Li Xiang, their story will not be copied on me, but I did the same thing, because I got a happy,

      a happy experience.  : just like a word: The journey the reward journey itself is harvest.

      really, can live like this, can have the energy to do what you like, it can be regarded as a kind of happiness.

      so, I am satisfied.

      although this satisfaction is only based on the spirit of no GG check.

      well, not for a while. For the first time to write so much, I have to learn technology.