1 rookie latest trends: Ali logistics business has integrated

yesterday (September 3rd), rookie network held its first staff meeting. Rookie network chairman and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group Jack Ma said at the meeting, Ali group has Ali logistics business integration to an independent logistics company rookie network".

this information is reported by Sina technology. Ali cited the report saying that Ali hopes to use Ali logistics data platform to help accelerate the construction of the rookie Network China intelligent backbone network".

according to the report, Ali logistics division is a major product logistics information management system". Logistics treasure is essentially a platform for the deployment of logistics information, Ali will be third party courier, warehousing access to information, in the face of Taobao sellers to provide warehousing, shipping, home and other services.

Ali, "logistics treasure code named Skynet, CSN (Rookie network) called" the network".

The difference between

and CSN is that the core of logistics treasure is the ability of data analysis and management of logistics storage resources, and the third party logistics resource allocation. The CSN is mainly in the construction of storage facilities network, including self built model.

2 Baidu Qihoo 360 v. unfair competition claims 650 thousand yuan

news (correspondent Huang Shuo) that competitors improper competition behavior, contrary to the principles of business ethics and integrity. Recently, Baidu will be 360 to court, claims $650 thousand.

Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Baidu Inc) v.says, Qizhi software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing science and technology Qihoo limited and Baidu Inc has competition relations. Among them, Chi Chi software (Beijing) Co. Ltd. has developed 360 speed browser client software, through the 360 security center of Beijing Qihoo limited company of science and technology for Internet users to download and install the operation, at the same time the Qihoo of Beijing science and technology limited company of management of 360 Chinese search is the search engine website.

Baidu Inc recently found that two companies in the Baidu Inc has implemented a series of acts of unfair competition, the main performance is: the network users to install and run 360 speed browser, and search engines by using Baidu in the browser tab, the website will automatically pop up pre set containing 10 hot search words in the drop-down menu, the user clicks on the Internet any hot search term, will automatically jump to the related results of Qihoo of Beijing science and technology limited company operating 360 search page. 360 speed browser also use site navigation stations to implement the same way of unfair competition behavior.

Baidu Inc believes that the two companies of the above acts, deliberately counterfeit, confusing the search box and search results, a free ride to hijack Baidu traffic, is an unfair competition behavior, to create Baidu Inc