in recent years, the rapid development of China’s internet. China Internet Network Information Center released the twenty-third China Internet development statistics report shows that as of the end of 2008, China’s Internet penetration rate of 22.6% for the first time exceeded the global average. At the same time, Chinese number of Internet users reached 298 million, the number of broadband Internet users reached 270 million, the national domain name CN number of 13 million 572 thousand, three indicators ranked first in the world to name. The Internet games, in the development and progress of China casts a thousand beams. China, Internet is reflected in every aspect of daily life. This can be seen in the 2009 Spring Festival gala. 2009, the Spring Festival Gala began an unprecedented strong Internet elements.


1, the party started, Zhu Jun to host

on speech

              the status of the Internet in people’s lives is becoming increasingly prominent, the Internet and television media have begun to move toward a broad and in-depth cooperation. The 2009 Spring Festival Gala in addition to broadcast live in CCTV integrated channels, Chinese international channel, international channel in English, Spanish, French and international channels, international channel of the Central People’s broadcasting station, with hundreds of national synchronized broadcast website.

Zhu Jun in the introduction: "Chuanjiang words in addition, tonight also co China Taiwan net,,, and the hundred to the global Chinese website, broadcast today’s Spring Festival gala."

2, Jiang Kun, the performance of the comic dialogue, I’m a little dizzy,

famous comic artists Jiang Kun and Dai Zhicheng show "I am a bit dizzy", in the process of social change described thirty years of reform and opening up, skillfully and naturally implanted in the use Baidu Search, You’ll see. "advertisement.

Dai Zhicheng: thirty years ago, I want to write something, go to the library to find information, particularly strenuous.

Jiang Kun: now Baidu know, online check ah!

the cross talk in a few words on the standardization of network language also prove safety.

Jiang Kun: now many people have names, they don’t know what they mean.

Dai Zhicheng: how do modern people get their names?

Jiang Kun: surname Tang, Tang Ji to his name, surname, name, claws, online name, you can’t write out the word, the name of one of the two words, a name called "piacha".

Dai Zhicheng: where did it fall?.

Jiang Kun: another good name, called "big piacha"".

3, Baidu Spring Festival Gala New Year title list

in the 2009 Spring Festival gala for the first time in a Internet Co Baidu title of the year.