Abstract: in this platform, everyone can be a courier, even the square dance dance uncle aunt, but also to sign up to join the courier team. On the same day in a white-collar job to grab the first single Xiaoyun road and complete distribution.


Jingdong want to share economic thinking into the logistics, to snatch the lazy economy this big cake.

May 12th, Jingdong come online crowdsourcing logistics model Jingdong crowdsourcing in Beijing officially opened grab. In this platform, everyone can be a courier, on the same day in a white-collar job to grab the first single Xiaoyun road and complete distribution.

this product is "the extension of Jingdong, O2O home products" Jingdong home "opened in March 16th, has opened in Beijing, in Shanghai in the trial operation, provide supermarket goods, flowers, takeaway three store to the next line of high-quality resources distribution, to achieve the" 2 hour fast delivery service in densely populated areas. Due to the timeliness of the O2O business itself, with the help of social platform to complete the distribution of power is particularly important.

Liu Qiangdong has been mentioned in the conference call, the Jingdong wants to do more is Crowdsourcing logistics platform, this platform will be open to the society, everyone can easily pull express ", the use of social capacity to serve more users.

since the beginning of the May "Jingdong Crowdsourcing" registration channels open, within a few days of rapid enrollment of nearly 2000 people, covering the crowd, white-collar workers, college students, Internet workers are involved, there has been a "promising" of fresh products are more familiar with the square dance aunt uncle who, as of now there are about 100 people have the ability to grab a single delivery.

the following are some of the courier requirements:

, who after 18 years old can registration, registration channels for "Jingdong home" micro signal and telephone; free delivery time, distribution in the range of 3 to 5 kilometers, including flowers, takeout and supermarket goods; after training can get online, grab a single distribution after the completion of each 6 yuan reward.

borrow O2O crowdsourcing, Jingdong self built logistics short board

logistics is not a standard, but the sooner the better, the better the better the goods, the more comprehensive the better the service, Jingdong’s self logistics can ensure that these aspects of management. But spending a larger, Ali executives Zhang Jianfeng seize this point, criticized the existence of this model ceiling:

does not have a decentralized social approach to Jingdong as the representative of the self mode electricity supplier is unable to bear the future of the huge trading volume and trading volume, the more the future development of the more no way out. (ALI Zhang Jianfeng audibles rivals: WeChat faces aging risk, Jingdong proprietary models have no way out……


Jingdong online crowdsourcing logistics, but hit back at the attack Ali executives, O2O logistics planning director Luo Huilin so look at O2O Logistics:

may be used for many industries