last year’s revenue of more than 100 billion yuan, the total number of enterprises exceeded 15 million, the future will become the trillion industry! Reporters today from the end of the Ninth Conference on network operators to understand, with the rapid development of e-commerce, the "twin brother" electric service industry usher in a period of explosive growth, become a hot issue for the general assembly.

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in the conference hall to give, "Shanghai Business School", "Agricultural Bank of Hangzhou treasure and other commercial services linked to the signs in the more eye-catching position. A multiple participants to give Li Quansheng sigh, "service providers are now becoming more and more a thousand li a day, the shop cannot do without them!" this is a footnote to the e-commerce service industry booming.

Ali Research Center released in 2011, China’s e-commerce service industry report shows that China’s 90% online retail e-commerce platform completed. 2011 e-commerce services as a whole revenue of 120 billion yuan, electricity supplier service enterprises to break through the 15. As of February 2012, Taobao has accumulated over 5.9 service providers access to Taobao open platform, is the same period in 2011 the same period of 7.32 times.

this huge volume of the emerging industries, for businesses to provide net shop decoration, management software, product photography, can also provide marketing, customer orders, the daily operation of the shop, logistics system, data analysis, foreign trade and other outsourcing services, and support more than 3 trillion of the electricity supplier transactions.

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Research Report in 2011 showed that the e-commerce market is experiencing from grade one hundred thousand to grade trillion billion across, e-commerce and online retail market size, online shopping consumers are experiencing from quantitative change to qualitative change stage.

iResearch data also show that in the first quarter of 2012 Chinese network economy reached 84 billion 710 million, the growth rate has reached 68.5%, far exceeding the growth rate of the real economy, and by the Internet e-commerce and derivatives, can let the enterprise in the entity under the condition of economic growth, in the network economy to find the breakthrough point.

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network, the e-commerce service industry great potential. According to Alibaba predicted that by 2015, the electricity supplier service industry will break through the 1 trillion mark.

no matter how large-scale network, the demand for services has become increasingly diverse and deepening. Research shows that the network self taibaodalan idea, by the end of 2011 has dropped from 17.31% to 9.62%; the selection of operation outsourcing intention is increased from 0 to 9.62%.

Henan seller Zhang Yanyan briefed reporters on the use of electricity, now all kinds of service, she can use the shop hosting, information system, train optimization and other functions, is very convenient, is becoming increasingly easy to open shop.

IDG (American International Data Group) partner Yang Fei believes that the entire e-commerce transaction process breakdown, from