U.S. investment bank J analyst Capital released a report this week that the existence of fictitious transactions Jingdong, and should not be in accordance with an electricity supplier company valuation.

below is the full text of the article:

U.S. investment bank J analyst Anne · Capital – Yang (Anne Stevenson-Yang) this week released a report that Jingdong is not an electricity supplier company in.

she pointed out that Jingdong platform 30% to 50% of the goods sold to the line distributors, rather than end consumers. "Our study shows that the actual size of the Jingdong is much less than the current level of claims. In addition, Jingdong is paying some people, so that they can complete the transaction through the online system, so that the electricity supplier business seems to be growing."

report said: J Capital Jingdong to give $23.36 target price, relative to Jingdong’s closing price on Thursday fell by 34%.

Jefferies analyst Cynthia Meng (Cynthia Meng) and its team believes that J Capital’s view, the lack of basis". She said that the focus of controversy is whether Jingdong should be in accordance with the electricity supplier companies to valuation. J Capital given the lower target price is mainly due to the market price ratio was down to 1.5 times. Since Jingdong 30% to 50% of the goods are sold to the next line distributors, rather than the end consumer, so J Capital think Jingdong’s sales rate should be reduced to 1.5 times.

similar questions also occurred in the country, the user reported Jingdong employees arrange merchant brush, increase sales of Jingdong mall. The staff said that the ordinary brush will be investigated by the site, but the brush arrangement Jingdong need to go through the approval of the leadership of the report, will not affect the shops. Yesterday afternoon, the relevant person in charge of the Jingdong said, for businesses to report the official brush Jingdong case, the unit is conducting internal verification.

according to the staff’s explanation, the so-called "distribution" is a single brush. If you are willing to participate in a single brush, he can be in the shops to open a new category, in which just upload some single product, with the Jingdong store account and password note scalping operation. Shops through the brush, to help Jingdong to complete the sales task, the Jingdong to extra resources mall.

users report the situation seems to be the U.S. investment bank J Capital analysts agree without prior without previous consultation and released a report this week.