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from Taobao online shop e-commerce website is mature, the earliest in the Taobao shop sellers Taobao has grown into a big seller, almost all of them is the company scale management, and some new sellers want to share this online shopping has a huge potential of the big cake, is not a single combat can be developed. Only those specialized teams work together to grow faster. Shop brand and specialization will become the future trend of Taobao

there are a lot of Taobao big sellers began to create their own brands, like "lemon Green Tea" Taobao’s first big seller, "wave wave dragon" and Taobao brand shop, you can see a lot of Taobao online sellers have started construction on the road of brand in, those who did not begin construction or construction or its own brand to shop the original Taobao brand sellers continue to grow space will not be great, because online shopping continues to mature, consumers of online brand recognition will improve the brand shop, the beginning of the war is inevitable on the play at the same time, some of the shop by shop brand began building their own original brand. Like the seven space TOP tide shop own brand BIOLIVING (100 million West), its daily sales exceeded 800 thousand, the average daily shipments of 5000. A brand of wind has blown up on Taobao.

e-commerce continues to grow and mature, prompting consumers to shopping will be more rational, they will not accept a certain brand, because they have a recognized brand. For example, in Taobao, the average buyer first came to you in the shop to buy something, think you bought this shop that quality and service are very good, so he wants to buy second of the same thing, first consideration is you this store, rather than the other shop. Because he has a credibility with your store brand.

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shop brands and professional website continues to improve, those who specialize in Taobao store navigation should also pay more attention to the experience of the buyers, because only let buyers know your recommended stores, will increase the viscosity of the website. Like shopping street (www.taotaozai.com) and other sites, they included in a professional Taobao’s most popular brand as the basis, to recommend that has very high popularity of the seller for Taobao more buyers, buyers of this website so as to improve the viscosity of.


brand shop and specialization will become the future development trend in Taobao, as a Taobao shop navigation website, personally feel that we want more stations to consider the issue in the buyer’s point of view, they recommend better Taobao popular shops, I also wrote an article "a brief analysis of Taobao customers the future development of the road", hope to share to the Taobao store navigation station friends some experience.

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