Beijing on February 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Disney confirmed that the company has just acquired a social networking site designed for children aged 10 or younger Togetherville. Currently no official announcement of the specific terms of the acquisition.

Togetherville last year, the end of the Beta test, drawing on the experience of adult social networking sites such as Facebook, but the design of a suitable environment for children and parental supervision. Togetherville provides a safer and more secure online social environment for parents to help their children choose the right contacts. Each of the children’s friends are approved by their parents. Parents can also use Facebook’s social network to connect with other parents.

on Togetherville, parents and children can communicate easily. At the same time, the children also have their own social group, after landing to communicate with friends, play games, watch videos and create works of art. The children through the Facebook friends to create a "neighbor", through the "school group" mutual contact, parents and children will no longer have to through the Facebook to contact the school friends.

terms of service of the site revealed the acquisition of information, which declared: welcome to visit the Walt Internet Group (WDIG) series website. The series includes,, ABC. COM,,,,, and published all other sites in the terms of use." Another tip is that Togetherville CEO and founder Mandeep Linkedln introduction information has now changed to Disney, vice president of Dhillon’s Togetherville". Disney also acquired Playdom, Tapulous and Marvel.