everyone thinks that network marketing is a marketing model that has just risen, according to Chinese situation, the quality and popularity of Internet users, is somewhat reluctantly, but we must stand high and see far, network marketing space is huge, very promising, because the network marketing investment, effective fast, is the enterprise to do marketing preferred. That for the current situation how to do network marketing? First of all, we have to figure out a few questions: Internet users for what? In fact, this problem is not difficult to answer, of course, is to find information, but to find information for what? There are many answers. Mainly in order to solve the problem, for the two types of people, one is the enterprise, in order to find customers on the Internet, to solve marketing. The two is the individual, this type of population to solve the problem is divided into work / life / study. So we do marketing starting point is to help them solve this problem. How to solve it? That’s what we’re focusing on. The fastest way to make this kind of people on the Internet to find the most important information is the success of our network marketing.

      how to do network marketing? We are for an enterprise. It is not easy for an enterprise to shape its image on the internet. There are several ways to network marketing: the main three kinds of E-mail marketing. Advertising. Search engine optimization".

      1. E-mail marketing is now the most commonly used enterprises, the effect is not very obvious, (if you are a large enterprise can be considered).

      2. Advertising, including major portals and similar web site advertising. Not according to the different advertising prices. Can refer to the SINA offer, this method may be a little higher investment funds, but the effect is still obvious

      3. I am optimistic about the search engine ranking, search engine is applied to the network marketing is divided into the following: (1) free login category; (2) the search engine optimization; (3) keyword advertising; (4) keyword ranking; (5) web content positioning advertising; (6) subscription catalogue;

      it is not difficult to see that these methods can be divided into two categories. First, the optimization of the web page, two is the login ranking. According to the above detailed introduction of concrete methods: how to optimize your website: a business or personal website on the Internet should be based on not only have a good website, the most important is the promotion, a good website not to see, it is rubbish. So we should make reasonable promotion, one of the key lies in the promotion of the search engine, for example: I entered the car in the word GOOGLE, for example, we see that his visit is the FAW, a certain amount of large, so the visibility can be improved, on the site to volume with greatly improved, it will bring benefits to the company. That’s what I’m talking about, but everyone will say that we’re going to vote.