– if you think only the brand refers to the brand name, brand and Logo brand promotion, so the development of the company will be in big trouble.

– entrepreneurs generally obsessed with new product ideas, or is busy with the expansion of the market, in fact, before the rush to promote their own brands, to study their own positioning and target customers must be entrepreneurs.

you need to stand a little higher, the success of brand promotion usually includes strategic thinking.

– the better able to communicate and meet the mode and content of interactive experience, such as storytelling, which can make marketing easier.

– compared with the characteristics of a product or service to customers, the more important emotional trust, should be true and reliable.

– a clear brand positioning can help start-ups the birth of a new understanding and creativity, which in turn promote the existing products or services.



if you think the brand only refers to the brand name, trademark and Logo, then the brand will be a big problem for the development of the company.

most entrepreneurs do not realize that the concept of brand marketing to expand the market and increase user stickiness and other aspects of great potential – they are generally obsessed with new product ideas.

a few years ago, I and a group of former Massachusetts Institute of Technology investors together held a seminar on the brand promotion, the theme: "you have a great product" over it, because it is not enough light".

simply, in the rush to push the product to the market, entrepreneurs must learn to study and locate their target users, and create a brand name to bring the core interests of the target customers.


in the past few years there have been a large number of start-up companies, and now these companies focus on getting more market share, and strive to retain and more core customers. Today, however, the momentum of growth has fallen sharply, many companies do not know how to go beyond the existing business model to increase sales.

may be in their eyes, their brand positioning has been successfully established, but how to clear brand positioning, in order to achieve new growth?.

I met some entrepreneurs, they are not willing to change their status, so the following summarizes 10 common mistakes of entrepreneurs in the brand promotion, and provide some help start-up companies continue to grow the brand recommendation:

brand promotion content

branding includes something far more than brand name and Logo, you need strategic thinking. Product of success