Wang Shuo in the village of flowers, the site opened a blog, hoping to click on a user to collect 10 Fen of the way to make a profit attempt. Today, although he opened a blog, but his dream of profit has not become a reality.

      Wang Shuo "comeback", a new book called "my chitose cold", he still live on the world of ridicule. In the book promotion, he also revealed a ready to do "China blog first" charges intent, March in Xu Jinglei (Xu) "flowers Village" website to open a blog, published their works, by users click on a charge of 10 Fen practices were trying to profit.

      Wang Shuo at the time of this idea, has also been part of the user’s identity. One netizen said that since the blog is also a fee, it is a commercial profit behavior. If the price is worth, you can consider.

      Wang Shuo in such a public celebrity hypothesis, a conservative calculation of 50 thousand people visit his blog every day, one day he fetched $5000, when a serial works, also fetched nearly a million, the ratio and press on "transparent" multi royalty. At least for their own "examination".

      to this day, although Wang Shuo in the village opened a blog, but his dream has not become a reality. It seems that I want to write their own Bo, earn the money users, but also for fashion early.

      in the about 20000000 Chinese blog base, Xu to over 80 million hits was indeed the first Bo China "". The growth of the number of blog users and the widespread concern of the blog, the blog in the application of the value of network marketing has gradually shown.

      two years, many companies are trying to use the influence of the blog to promote. And, Google and other companies to display advertising, has appeared in many influential personal blog. However, this traditional form of advertising applications on the blog does not seem to be effective, not to mention the dream of Wang Shuo et al.

      because bloggers don’t want to see their favorite blogs turn into an ad camp. A blogger for this form of advertising there is resentment, some bloggers even proposed the removal of advertising.

      compared with the traditional online advertising, the topic advertising system appears to have the advantage. Because of the rapid spread of the topic of advertising, a strong sense of trust, influence, the cost is relatively small, it is not easy to cause the reader to dislike and can interact with the target audience.