has no money to go home for the new year. Many migrant workers began to set foot on the road to return home. The main innovation of the new farmers choose to return home, the opportunity to increase their hometown, so that the new peasant workers to become entrepreneurs.

solution to the nearest place of employment

"housekeeping work two not mistake, 3600 yuan monthly salary!" Jiangxi County of Yongfeng Province along the Po Zhen Ya Tian Cun Xie Gaoying of 38 years old from the original left behind women become local to a bird food company production workers. More than 60 employees in the company more than 50 from nearby villages, the annual remuneration from the company to get about $2 million 350 thousand. The annual demand for nearly one million feathers of ducks, directly led to the more than and 100 farmers by raising ducks.