since the shop, who want to earn more money, but want to achieve this goal, often need to do more work. But in today’s market, the fruit is a kind of comparative income welcome fresh products; especially in recent time, the rise of health craze, with people to lose weight dedication, this also makes the market today, the demand for fruit has been increased greatly; and this also makes the majority of investors are beginning to join the fruit shop as their investment direction.

of course, a high heat industry, if we want to in this industry, to create one of their own new stores have great difficulty, because the competition in this industry pressure is very large, if we are entrepreneurs in this industry, so if our personal project can not have obvious advantages; for us, it is easy for us to venture on a large scale under the pressure of death. If we want to enter the fruit retail industry, how should we open a fruit store to bring us more profits?


is the first brand in our franchise chain of fruit, you want to make your store can get more profit, so in the selection process of the brand, we need to carefully chosen, because a good brand can help us get more competitive advantage in the market.

if we want to join the investment is a fruit shop, so we in the choice of brands, you can choose according to the brand, if we allow the cost, then try to choose a relatively high visibility of the brand chain, so that we can store it to have a relatively rapid development in the early establishment, because these big brands have a relatively high market visibility, and the development of a long time, so that the brand in the market was known more consumer groups, and we join this brand will be able to use this brand to help us in the early days of the store the development of the greater advantage.


is the second store products, if we want to let the store gain more profits, so in our store are to pay attention to, if we are open, the best choice of a large scale, a variety, best can include was quite popular with others more kinds of products; at this stage the traffic convenience, the different regional planting fruit can be concentrated in one place for people; fruit knowledge has been enriched, which makes their daily life, for the fruit demand also become diversified.

if we want to be able to store sales can