People’s Republic of China since its inception to the present our country has occurred changes in turn the world upside down, China reform and opening up thirty years ago was an agricultural country to industrial country in the process of change, now Chinese is facing a greater migration, that is from the industrial country to the Internet era of change, now is a Chinese an innovative country in mainstream social groups 80, 90 eyes, novel is the key point to attract their attention, marketing businesses want to bring the traditional marketing way is tantamount to nothing, the effect will be more and more small, brand loyalty is also more and more low. Unfortunately, most of the domestic marketing is still using outdoor advertising, leaflets, car advertising and other traditional line, not only covers the limited population, but it is difficult to expand brand awareness.

broadcast network red 2016 has become the next Internet outlet, good use of broadcast network marketing activities for red will add a touch of bright color, brand promotion and make better communication effect.

how to seize the focus of social mainstream crowd

days ago, Taobao made China matter held in the Lumiere studios Master quality guest live mass with pain point touch the commercial angle. The ultimate purpose of sales diversion. Let’s take a look at the Taobao Chinese quality made marketing mode, explore together find suction eye "live red net law".

, follow the tide of popular topic, touch with commercial


now all brands are expected to live on the net red marketing, hoping to get a chance in the marketing war, but the ultimate goal to achieve the ultimate goal of sales diversion brand is only a handful. Compared to the popularity of the industry as a whole, please use a large ticket star fans to carry out marketing, then Taobao Chinese quality to create a lot of clever.

1994 a "Westward Journey" interpretation of the release period is not the same as love 80. This year the "westward journey 3" release, love this topic once again become a craze. Taobao China made just by the quality of heat will be the subject of love into the public activities, touch the g-spot. Cause a wide spectrum of resonance, so as to get more attention and exposure.

topic of marketing tools into the net red broadcast, which will make the whole event has a better communication and vitality. After all, the topic of love is the topic that the whole mankind will face.

have to say, Taobao Chinese quality made through the use of love, commercialize to campaign and spread, successfully touched the public "G-spot", also laid the foundation for the realization of sales growth.

two, interactive live, guide the topic of public opinion fit brand