we all know, in Zhejiang, there will always be a lot of delicacy, is the best place for delicious food. So, how about Zhejiang Shaoxing chicken in wine? Traditional food with characteristics. Healthy and delicious, but also rich in nutritional value.


Zhejiang Shaoxing chicken in wine?

Shaoxing chicken in wine in cooking, cooking oil is in line with the principle of less nutrition, if the chicken skin first then cooked, less oil, angelica, medlar and also has the function of health care of traditional Chinese medicine. Shaoxing chicken in wine wine thick, soaked with tender chicken, and chicken are drunk, and pepper Xiang Ma wake.

Zhejiang Shaoxing chicken in wine delicious? Shaoxing chicken in wine practice:

material: 2 chicken leg, 2 bowls of wine in Shaoxing (500ml), 1 tbsp pepper (15g), 2 tbsp salt (30g), 4 pieces of ginger, coriander (5g


production steps:

1, the fire will burn to red hot wok, add salt and stir constantly, to darken (do not pay attention to being scalded hot salt), add pepper to pepper fry, aromatic, cooked color, put the spare clothes.

2, wash chicken with salt and pepper, stir fried chicken evenly, plastic wrap, fresh layer of the refrigerator pickled 3-4 hours, so tasty.

3, remove the chicken before cooking the chicken leg slightly placed close to the room temperature, salt and pepper water rushed to the surface.

4, the amount of water into the saucepan, fire will boil the chicken into small fire simmer for 20 minutes, then remove, add the prepared ice floats in the cool (after cooling, the skin is crisp).

5 chicken, drain water, chopped into pieces with Shaoxing wine, taste, the wine is completely submerged chicken, soaked 8-12 hours before eating, sprinkle coriander.

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