to do business is not easy, for example, to open a small store, but also need to spend a lot of energy, about how to do this business, Xiaobian gives his own advice, the distribution is a one-time investment, low price, good content is two points. The variety is more affordable but. Don’t taste at the beginning, the taste is gradually formed according to the actual situation, the lowest to score some more books when leaders discount low to attract readers. Here we look at how to operate it!

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library circle of friends support is the most important, if you are half success. No one support you have to give a lot of money, increase the risk. Such as Bookstore location, book positioning, target customers, cost accounting, the quality of the operators, capital investment, insiders will definitely give you a advice, can not engage in, more critical is that he felt your bookstore he will fully support your feasible.

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charge franchise chain, expensive franchise fees do not say, the purchase rate, the market reaction speed is also a problem. More important is the purchase discount according to high, to which you want to restrict the price of.

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now the bookstore is not a single book, but there are many other products together for sale, it can also increase the interests of franchisees, money rate is very important to the old bookstore, and the new bookstore? Just started not to rush to capital flight, as far as possible and soon frequency. In order to supply upstream booksellers with you, you must do reputation, a "fast" is a Book of Scripture.

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