is the retail sales terminal directly with the customer contact, numerous tentacles is like enterprise, sensitive and lethal, because demand in the rich society consumer more and more personalized and diversified, modern circulation enterprises to establish a distribution system widely and most close to the customer terminal, can use this to provide value-added services.

except financial mode, retail profits mainly through the following five ways:

expand into the sales price of

centralized procurement, plus additional services to certain storage and transportation and other simple, into the sales price can obtain the purchase price and price. This is the most primitive circulation industry profit model, now is still the basis of the circulation of enterprise profit. The larger the size, the more the bargaining advantage of procurement. However, the only way to obtain income is not competitive, this is because a single source of profits, the lack of core competitiveness, higher transaction costs. It can be predicted that the future of this way can not become the main source of profit for modern circulation enterprises.

channel charge cost