led by Starbucks, large and small coffee shops in mainland China are everywhere. The coffee shop is a good place for modern people to seek peace and rest, 35 friends gather together, each successful coffee shop has its own loyal customers.

but coffee franchise investment is not easy, a series of trivial work followed, from the location, design, cost-benefit analysis to location, interlocking, a part of any errors that may lead to the final business failure. According to the food and beverage industry, a senior investor, often the greater the investment in the cafe, the higher the profit, which is the same with the management of food and beverage. For entrepreneurs who want to open a coffee shop, the first thing to do is to determine whether the coffee shop is in the form of a pure coffee shop, coffee or a simple meal.

and different consumer groups for the coffee cafe and have a tendency to choose their own in fact, many people choose the cafe business investment is not the taste of coffee in the first place, they pay more attention to the atmosphere and to bring them to the commercial value.