a, Peter principle

        each organization is composed of a variety of positions, levels, or classes, each of which belongs to one of them. Peter’s theory is the study of the phenomenon of the promotion of personnel in the United States, after the study of the phenomenon of the promotion of the staff in the organization, Laurence concluded that: in all kinds of organizations, employees tend to be promoted to the status of their incompetence. The Peter principle is sometimes referred to as the climbing principle. This phenomenon is ubiquitous in real life: a qualified professor was promoted to the president of the University, but was unable to do; an excellent athlete was promoted to director of sports officials, and do nothing. For an organization, once quite some people were pushed to the level of their incompetence, the organization will result in low efficiency, resulting in more personnel than work available, mediocre stagnation rise head and shoulders above others. Therefore, it is necessary to change the basis of the contribution of the decision to promote the promotion of enterprise staff promotion mechanism, not because of someone in a position to do a good job, it is inferred that the person must be able to perform a higher level of duty. Will be promoted to a worker can not play a good job, not only is not my reward, but it can not play a good ability, but also to the enterprise losses.

        two, wine and sewage law

        wine and sewage Law refers to a spoonful of wine into a bucket of water, get a bucket of water; if a spoonful of water poured into a bucket of wine, or get a bucket of water. In any organization, there are a few hard figures, the purpose of their existence seems to have made a mess of things. Worst of all, they are like rotten apples in the box. If they are not treated in time, it will spread quickly and the other apples in the box will be rotten. The terrible thing about rotten apples is that they are so destructive. A man of integrity into a chaotic sector may be swallowed up, and a non German will soon become a highly efficient sector lacking spirit of cooperation. The organization system is often fragile, is built on the basis of mutual understanding, compromise and tolerance, it is easy to abuse, be poisoned. Another important reason is that saboteur extraordinary, easier to destroy than to build. The ceramics a skilled craftsmen spend time carefully crafted, a donkey, a second can destroy. If there is such a donkey in an organization, even if there are more skilled craftsmen, nor the number of decent work. If you have such a donkey in your organization, you should clean it up right away. If you can’t do it, you should tie it up.

        three, cask law

        bucket law is about how much water a bucket can hold, depending on the shortest piece of wood. This means that any organization may face a "