why so popular among consumers, it is because sometimes people emotional sustenance can use food as a medium. Which is mainly has the spicy sichuan. It has always been the consumer choice of modern people under the pressure of life very much love, everyone is eager to find some excitement in the ordinary life, so hardcore Sichuan consumers become the good choice. However, with the Sichuan project increasing competitive pressure is constantly increasing.

need to open a Sichuan restaurant which put? What are the details? See the following specific combination:

a lot of people want to invest in a Sichuan restaurant, but do not know how much money is needed to completely take a Sichuan restaurant, but also do not know exactly about able to earn the money, how much money each month to return, the store staff configuration are not very clear, now let me tell you detailed introduce, probably need preparatory things to open a restaurant.

store area: about 150 square meters or so

rent: 250 thousand yuan a year

upfront investment: 230 thousand (shop transfer fee: $140 thousand; decoration fee: 90 thousand)

staff: 40 thousand / month

net profit: about 20%

net income: 4 ~ 50 thousand / month

What is the five big details so Sichuan restaurant opened


details of the 1 – Houchu cost control is big, if you do shuaishouzhanggui, may your profits are employees Houchu earn their own pocket, but very cruel reality.

details 2 – if it is small and medium restaurants, do not choose in the fence, the main road on the isolation belt. You can take the two-way car, no barrier two street is a good choice.

details 3 – ready for six months of cash flow is very important, the new restaurant has not been able to turn off within six months, but within six months, but also to train customers.

details of the 4 — if not only for the white-collar fashion restaurant, or not in high-rise buildings (Office) on the right (non street floor).

– 5 is too dependent on the details of the cook, do only shuaishouzhanggui, such a boss, I can only say "oh".

The above is the

investment open Sichuan Museum and details of a simple introduction, if you still need to know what other issues > on Sichuan Museum