In the current

homophonic name has become numerous shop name in a way that is very important. However, how to use this way in fact there is exquisite, if accidentally, there may be self defeating, for the late development of the shop is very unfavorable. Then, the store homophonic name should pay attention to what factors? Let Xiaobian for your analytical resolution.


, was the first to combine shops shops out of business goods, and industry related names, let the customer see the name to know what are the shops; secondly, shop five property can not be five grams and the shop owner like numerology. This name is the name of the effect. So for shops named, specific and what methods and precautions? Today Xiaobian and say, let the homophonic name bonanza shops. Whether shop name, or personal name, from which can be seen in the appreciation level and value orientation of some master.

a comprehensive consideration of the name of the shop in the local accent pronunciation

It is said that

, the boss of Goldlion, the first tie brand named "Golden Lion", he in order to sell products, gifts to relatives and friends free tie, was declined. The original pPV Cheap Road apparel information in Hongkong dialect "Golden Lion" sound with the "net", who is not willing to have such a mouth color. Later, the trademark changed to "Goldlion", because of its good name, popular.

so, in the name of the shop, not only to consider the pronunciation of Putonghua, but also with the local spoken.

, two shops named homophonic used well, can improve the fortunes of


if the shop name homophonic used well, people read to do not have fun, fine Yuyishenke, on the retail business philosophy described it, this shop name will be popular, and business opportunities and wealth for the shops.

, for example, a Shanghai Yu surname boss to the drugstore named "Yu conscience", and in Shanghai dialect "conscience" homophonic, public feeling boss business conscience, Meixin not make money, so it is a booming business.

three, literal and does not violate the moral regulations


in recent years, homophonic name become a very common name of the shops on the street, people meet the eye everywhere familiar yet strange idiom, ready-made language name, such as: "love", "days thorn (passionately devoted) and muscle (godsend)," inserted clothing world "(life)……

et al.

This method named

, let people laugh at the same time, remember this shop, "