after 80 young parents’ aesthetic vision and 6070 after the very different, children’s wear industry is also facing a new round of reshuffle. Many children’s clothing industry to join the industry should pay attention to the trend of change in order to seize the profit point, paving the way for their own good fortune.

1, domestic children’s clothing brand malnutrition

2, children’s clothing enterprises lack of brand awareness

have to admit that our children’s clothing industry started late than foreign brands, so the gap between the objective is to promote performance obviously, especially children’s clothing brand is particularly evident. Good brand awareness and perfect sales promotion is an important factor in the promotion of foreign brands of children’s clothing, packaging success, while the domestic children’s wear brand is weak, mostly silent small brand".

3, children’s wear market

"first-tier cities to sell children’s clothing brand, the two or three line of the city to sell children’s clothing products" is an important feature of children’s clothing brand market. Two or three line city children’s wear brand needs to guide the development of the road. First-tier cities find children’s clothing brand figure, the two or three line of the city is not strong "fault" is facing the dilemma of domestic children’s clothing brand reputation, excellent products, birth and high added value of brand is an important subject of domestic enterprises, but also a major responsibility on the shoulders of ren.

The whole network of

prompt you: clothing enterprises need to learn ChengRenZhuang brand enterprises, strengthen the construction of design, planning, market functions; also need to increase the introduction of buyers, design, information and other professional talent training, will present the children’s clothing brand promotion concept, product culture, steadily implement.